Fruit and Veg Market Update – Earth Markets 17-11-14

As the season heats up, salad items are in hot demand and plentiful, but so are vegetables so be sure to choose from the great quality selection to supplement your family’s meals.Salad-bowl

Salad-bowlThere are a lot of top quality vegetables to look out for in our stores including Asian vegetables, well priced asparagus, cauliflower, celery, capsicum, carrots, parsnips, eggplant, shallots and snow peas.

Victorian broccoli is of great quality.
In the hard lines, onions, pumpkin and potatoes are very good value for money.

Fennel is in short supply with the baby variety the only choice. Sweet corn, beans, cabbage and zucchinis are both of fantastic quality.

Salad items are poplar with tomatoes at really great prices, along with good quality and well priced avocados, cucumbers and most lettuce varieties. Herbs are plentiful.

Watermelon has been sensational, and rockmelons are also reasonably priced and eating well.
In the berry category, blueberries are great value, and boysenberries are now available. They are a dusty purple coloured fruit that can be eaten fresh, frozen, or used in sauces, juices, preserves, pies, strudel and compote.

In the citrus category, new season valencia and the last of the navel oranges are a good buy.
Mangoes are becoming more plentiful and are of good quality. Pawpaws are also very well priced.
Cherries are now in season as are nectarines and peaches, with all selling at the best prices around.

Earthmarkets is more than just a greengrocer, we also offer groceries such as milk, 
bread, eggs, yogurt, nuts, cheese and deli meats and more..