The Mediterranean Diet

For most people the word diet sends all sorts of shivers down your spine and a so many excuses come to mind. But instead of saying, ‘maybe next week’, why don’t you try the Mediterranean diet! Firstly, let’s drop the word “diet” Diet automatically signifies “temporary” and eating the Mediterranean way is a lifestyle as well as an attitude we need to adopt, which sometimes goes beyond food and eating but is also “being”- enjoying life, good company, sharing meal experiences, etc.

This simple, easy to follow and all over delicious way of eating will make you feel like you’re actually in the Mediterranean! Well, maybe not but a person can dream!

What is it?

The Mediterranean “diet” is a way of eating/a lifestyle that bases itself of the traditional foods of the people of Italy and Greece in the 1960’s. Research shows that people of these cultures at this time were especially healthy in comparison to other cultures. And if its good enough for them its good enough for us!

This, some would say relaxed, style of dieting has been shown to promote weight loss, help to prevent heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and premature death. As this diet is based off the eating of similar to those within the Mediterranean culture, there is a number of variation to this diet, and no exact way to follow this meal plan.

One of social media’s biggest fitness bloggers, Kayla Itsiness has told her 10 million followers that she also follows this diet. The Bikini Body Guide and online workout creator has said the Mediterranean diet is stacked with healthy fats, like olive oil, nuts and fish and whole grains.

What to Eat

The diet is quite easy to follow, essentially you want to being eating foods like fruits, vegies, nuts, seeds and legumes, potatoes, breads, fish and seafood as well as extra virgin olive oil, and plenty of herbs and spices. Foods such as poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt, should be eaten in moderation, and red meat eaten rarely. Water, should be your main beverage of choice on this diet, however, one glass of red wine a night is completely accepted on this plan! Exactly what we like to hear!

What to avoid

Foods to avoid whilst following this diet plan include refined grains and oils, such as white bread, pasta and canola oil, highly processed meat and foods, like sausages and ‘low-fat’ labelled foods. As well as this, any trans fats and added sugar should also be avoided.


The mediterranean way of eating is the most talked about “diet” and why? because it’s most effective and proven to be one of the healthiest ways of life. Doctors and nutritionalists all over the world have been recommending it for years.

In comparison to other diets, studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is the most beneficial eating plan for high blood pressure suffers and diabetics, and one the healthiest diet options. This diet focuses on monounsaturated fats and high fibre food options, which have been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Not only this, but this diet can help maintain heart health, protect your cognitive health and encourage a healthy weight loss. By overall skin health, and the list keeps going!

With this diet being so easy to follow and the benefits surrounding it, no wonder the people of the Mediterranean are always so happy!! Happy eating!